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About Us

We are a team of doctors, nurses, biomedical scientists and engineers in Cambridge working to ensure that high-grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available for health care professionals caring for patients with COVID-19 in Cambridge and the East of England.

Trinity College, Cambridge

COVID-19 PPE Appeal Fund - Our Mission

Our aim is to guarantee the safety and protection of NHS staff on the frontline, by providing them with enough high quality PPE, so they can focus entirely on what they do best - caring for patients. 

This is an urgent problem. In the UK, the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic is expected within 2 weeks and the number of cases will remain high over the next 3-4 months.

Why is this Appeal important? 

In the UK, the NHS is committed to providing adequate PPE for its staff. However, doctors and nurses on the frontline have repeatedly raised concerns about the availability of PPE right across the country. Several factors have been discussed in the public domain, including difficulties with distribution and unprecedented demand outstripping supply.

Our aim is to contribute to solutions to this problem. We want to make sure that there is plenty of PPE for health care professionals in the UK.


Find out more about PPE on our Q&A page.

Meet the Team

Professor Sadaf Farooqi, University of Cambridge

Toni Vidal-Puig and Sadaf Farooqi are medical doctors and University of Cambridge Professors from the Wellcome Trust MRC-Institute of Metabolic Science where they lead basic and translational research teams working on obesity and metabolic disease.

Professor Toni Vidal-Puig, University of Cambridge

Angela Single is a trained general and community nurse. She was a senior manager at Hinchingbrooke Hospital and an NHS non-executive Director. She has an Executive MBA from Cambridge Judge Business School and is Director of New Business Development for a health informatics company:

Angela Single, BridgeHead Software

Professor Daping Chu is a Professor of Engineering and the Academic Director of the Cambridge University-Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation. This Centre is the University of Cambridge's first large scale overseas enterprise. The Centre enables research and innovation in collaboration with the Chinese government, industry and China's research universities, with close links to clinical departments of the Nanjing International Healthcare Area.

Professor Daping Chu (right), University of Cambridge

The multidisciplinary expertise of the Cambridge University Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation lies at the core of the 4CPPE initiative. By identifing reliable suppliers of high quality PPE and by securing local donations, Prof Daping Chu's team have enabled a quick response to the PPE needs of our health care workers in the UK.

4c Champions

We are working with 4C Champions who are raising funds in China and in the UK to purchase or obtain donations of high quality PPE that meets NHS standards.

Dr Tai-Ping Fan from the Department of Pharmacology, University of Cambridge, works to develop phytopharmaceuticals from natural products and is an Enterprise Champion of the University, with an extensive network of connections with businesses, pharmaceutical companies, universities and research institutes in Greater China.

Dr Tai-Ping Fan, University of Cambridge

Dr Dejing Pan is the Deputy Director and Research Associate Professor, CAM-SU Genomic Resource Centre of Soochow University, in Suzhou, China. Building on his links with industry and suppliers in China, he has made donations of high quality PPE for the outbreak of the COVID-19 in Iran and Afghanistan.

Dr Dejing Pan, Soochow University

Cambridge University Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation

Support from members of the Cambridge University Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation

Photo credit: Toni Vidal-Puig

Unique to 4CPPE are our strong links to Nanjing through the Cambridge University Nanjing Centre of Technology and Innovation. At the Centre, we have a team of young people who are energetic and committed to working very closely with us to ensure we can identify and source high quality PPE. This model of academic-to-academic network connection represents the best of innovation as we adapt to a crisis of this nature.

Academic researchers have established networks based on trust and collaboration. This same trust and collaboration is now crucial as the normal supply channels have been deeply affected in this pandemic. We are very proud of our young Nanjing colleagues. They have done and continue to do a terrific job in identifing the best PPE for our front line health care professionals, contributing to their safety and the safety of their patients and their families.

What are we doing?

We are raising funds to transport PPE from China to the UK, where we will distribute it to hospitals in Cambridge and the East of England. The 4C PPE Appeal is an official part of the University of Cambridge COVID-19 appeal. You can see more on the University’s Philanthropy webpage:


We are also working to develop and design innovative types of PPE such as new respirator masks in the UK with materials scientists, engineers and technology companies.

A member of the East of England Ambulance Service demonstrates PPE.

Photo Credit: Adrian Penrose

We are now urgently seeking your support
Our first target is £5 million
What will we do with your money:
  • £150 buys enough FFP3 respirator masks to care for 1 patient in Intensive Care for 1 day. 

  • £1,000 buys 100 pairs of scrubs for staff to wear when working with patients with COVID-19. 

  • We will also purchase surgical gowns, eye protection and visors.

On behalf of our colleagues, we thank you for your support and generosity

Please donate through Just Giving or the University of Cambridge Philanthropy site

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4C PPE Appeal

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